Tonbridge Inflatable Run

Perfect for those that want to have some fun!

With 2018 being such a success.

We’re back this year but even better!

Tonbridge Inflatable Run is perfect for:

  • Getting some exercise and increasing fitness levels & strength

  • Some highly-entertaining and playful family time

  • Making new friends and helping others

  • Finding new levels of confidence

  • An effective team building activity

  • Those who want a go at beating our record lap time – 34.76 seconds!

  • Doing something fun and different!


Tonbridge’s very own Inflatable Obstacle Course!

300-feet long bouncy castle with walls to climb, holes to fit through and challenging obstacles including Total Wipeout’s Big Red Balls!

Fun for all ages, adults and children alike have a fantastic time on the inflatable run!

Kids LOVE it and fly around the course – adults love it too and find themselves ‘belly laughing’ so hard at how difficult they find it in comparison to the kids.


Helpers on the inflatable! 

  • Help those who seek assistance

  • Give Pro Tips and Inside Knowledge on quickest routes and ninja tricks

Grip Socks!

  • Increased Grip – Expert landings, Spiderman-like wall climbing abilities

  • Increased Speed – Ability to take corners and walls at top speed

  • Looks – Extreme style (Warning- they can make people very jealous)